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From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.

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Dead and gone.
“… I was startled and somewhat appalled to realize how little I knew about the domestic world around me. Sitting at the kitchen table one afternoon, playing idly with the salt and pepper shakers, it occurred to me that I had absolutely no idea why, out of all the spices in the world, we have such an abiding attachment to those two. Why not pepper and cardamom, say, or salt and cinnamon? And why do forks have four tines and not three or five? There must be reasons for these things. Dressing, I wondered why all my suit jackets have a row of pointless buttons on every sleeve. I heard a reference on the radio to someone paying for room and board, and realized that when people talk about room and board, I have no idea what the board is that they are talking about. Suddenly the house seemed a place of mystery to me.”
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viα feuille-d-automne: Affaire Dreyfus

Série de clichés du procès de Rennes Via

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for everyone who reblogs this, i will draw a tarot card from one of my decks for you and send you which card you got (along with the meaning)

the card may be relevant to your present or future

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Florence Cook lying a trance with a spirit form behind her, c. 1874

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4th grade throwback.